For the week of Sept 28th, we have 12 MusicTrivia events Tuesday thru Saturday including:

        -We’re back at McCauley’s Pub Saturday at 7pm.


                MusicThemes for the week of Sept 28


      -What Women Really Want

      -Let’s Get Fired Up

      -It’s Time To Calm Down

      -Number 1’s In The Past 10 Years

      -Countback To The Fifties


Tuesday Sept 29

       -Bishop’s Quarter in Loveland at 7pm

     Wednesday Sept 30    

      –Putter’s in West Chester at 7pm   

   -Clubhouse Grille in West Chester at 7pm   

  -Valley Vineyards in Morrow at 6:30 

Thursday Oct 1

 -Clubhouse Grille in Monroe at 7pm

 -Snow’s Lakeside Tavern in Colerain at 7pm   

 -Talis Southern Bar & Grill at 6:30  

 -Grainworks Brewing at 6:30 with Carbonara’sFood Truck

Friday Oct 2

-Blondie’s Sports Bar & Grill  in West Chester at 7pm 

-James 3rd Base at 7pm    

Saturday Oct 3

-McCauley’s Pub at 7pm

 -Par’s Place in Fairfield at 7pm

                           Winners From Last Week
Blondies- 1) G Plus  2) Shecky & Bob  3) We Are Ohio   

Clubhouse West Chester- 1) West Lakers  2) 1/2 Of Whiskey Business  3) Culture Clubhouse

Talis Southern Grill  1) Sister Cousins  2) Make It A Double  3) Master Debaters

Snow’s Lakeside Tavern  1)  Twin Terrors  2) Chubby And Dangerous  3) Drew’s Driving 

Bishop’s Quarter  1) Chasing Penguins  2) Mamas & Papas  3) The Gangs All Here 

Putter’s 1)  Mikey Mike & The Birthday Girl  2) Money Shots  3) The Merkins

Valley Vineyards- 1) C Sharps  2) Crazy Cat Crew  3) Win Or Booze

 Clubhouse Monroe  1) Not Your Basic B’s  2) The Catnip Cartel  3) Any Spot But Last 

James 3rd Base- 1)  Mom, Can You Still Slap Me Into Next Year?  2) Fat Head Warriors  3) Village Idiots

   Grainworks- 1) Helles If I Know  2) Not Wearing Pants  3) In The Bag  

      Par’s Place  1) Shameless  2) Carpe Dio  3) Band Addicts


Regularly Scheduled Events at: 

Bishop’s Quarter in Loveland every Tuesday 7pm

Blondies Sports Bar & Grill -Fridays 7pm

Snow’s Lakeside Tavern Thursdays  7pm

McCauley’s Pub, (here and there)

Valley Vineyards in Morrow Wednesday  6:30

Talis Southern Grill in Mason Thursday  6:30

Par’s Place – Saturday  7pm

Putter’s Sports Grille-Wednesday 6:30 pm

Grainworks Brewing Company-Thursday at 6:30

Clubhouse Sports Grille-Wed. in West Chester at 7pm,

Clubhouse Sports Grille-Thursdays in Monroe at 7pm

James 3rd Base -Fridays 7pm