For this Halloween Week of October 26, we have 12 MusicTrivia events Tuesday thru Saturday including:      

        -Berd’s Grill and Bar in Fairfield is back hosting weekly on Wednesdays after a 7 month break. 

        -Putter’s is back Wednesday at 7pm         

        -Par’s Place will cancel on Saturday for Halloween. We’ll be back at Par’s Nov. 7


                MusicThemes for the week of Oct 26


      -Hauntingly Good Tunes

      -The Kids Want Candy 

      -‘Decisions’ ‘Choices’ Who Do You ‘Like’ ?

      -Number One Songs In The 2000’s 

      -Countback To The Sixties 


Tuesday Oct 27

       -Big Ash Brewing in Anderson Twp at 6:30   

      -Bishop’s Quarter in Loveland at 7pm

     Wednesday Oct 28     

   -Berd’s Grill and Bar in Fairfield at 7pm

-Clubhouse Grille in West Chester at 7pm   

  -Valley Vineyards in Morrow at 6:30  

    –Putter’s in West Chester at 7pm 

Thursday Oct 29

 -Snow’s Lakeside Tavern in Colerain at 7pm   

 -Talis Southern Bar & Grill at 6:30  

 -Grainworks Brewing at 6:30 with Krimmer’s Italianette Food Truck

 -Clubhouse Grille in Monroe at 7pm

Friday Oct 30

-James 3rd Base at 7pm    

-Blondie’s Sports Bar & Grill  in West Chester at 7pm 

Saturday Oct 31

 -Par’s Place in Fairfield CANCELLED for Halloween 

                           Winners From Last Week
Big Ash Brewing  1) Chasing Penguins  2) Crazy 3  3) Nurse Ratchetz
Berd’s  1) Renegade  2) H B D  3) Tune Ups

Snow’s Lakeside Tavern  1) Oh Really  2) Twin Terrors  3) Cara’s Friends 

Bishop’s Quarter  1) Pinkey’s Missing, The Brain Is Here  2) Win Or Booze  3) Slipper Distance   

Putter’s (was cancelled) 

Valley Vineyards- 1) Wikked Smaaart  2) Fighting Owls  3) Douggie’s Fanclub 

 Clubhouse Monroe  1) Jeffrey Dahmer’s House Of Ribs  2) Chop Suey  3) The Spiteful Goats

James 3rd Base- 1)  Drinks Well With Others  2) Cunning Linguists  3) Your Mic Is Muted Karen 

   Grainworks- 1) That’s My Reserved Seat  2) The Realists  3) By All Means Necessary 

      Par’s Place  1) Team B. S.  2) Tantalizing Tots  3) Ghostbusters

   Blondies- 1) Tuggin Toobin  2) Mickey Mouse Crack House

Clubhouse West Chester- 1) Merkins  2) Money Shots  2) Crazy Cheer Moms 

Talis Southern Grill  1) Sister Cousins  2) Master Debators  3) Make It A Double  




Regularly Scheduled Events at: 

Big Ash Brewing in Anderson Twp Tuesday at 6:30

Bishop’s Quarter in Loveland every Tuesday 7pm

Berd’s Grill & Bar in Fairfield Wednesday’s 7pm

Blondies Sports Bar & Grill -Fridays 7pm

Snow’s Lakeside Tavern Thursdays  7pm

McCauley’s Pub, (here and there)

Valley Vineyards in Morrow Wednesday  6:30

Talis Southern Grill in Mason Thursday  6:30

Par’s Place – Saturday  7pm

Putter’s Sports Grille-Wednesday 6:30 pm

Grainworks Brewing Company-Thursday at 6:30

Clubhouse Sports Grille-Wed. in West Chester at 7pm,

Clubhouse Sports Grille-Thursdays in Monroe at 7pm

James 3rd Base -Fridays 7pm